Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Flight Request

This form is required for individuals, departments and organizations requesting to fly an Unmanned Aircraft System, UAS or drone, on the University of Richmond campus.

Submit complete requests at least 72 hours prior to the earliest planned flight. Incomplete requests may result in a processing delay.

Requestor Information

Flight Information

Operator Status: *
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UAS Information

UAS Owner: *


Requestor will submit the following documents to risk@richmond.edu for review:

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By submitting this form, the individual/entity agrees to abide by all FAA and University policies and progedures governing the use of UAS on or over University property or at a University sponsored event. The University reserves the right to request additional documentation as a condition of approval and operation. In addition, any operator violating any portion of the University's UAS Policy will be held accountable for their actions.