Automobile Insurance

This page provides basic coverage information regarding the University's automobile insurance coverage. It should not be relied on for policy interpretation. Any specific questions should be referred to the Risk Management Office.

Accident/Claims Reporting

All automobile claims or incidents should be reported immediately to the Risk Management Office and to University Police (289-8715).

Automobile Insurance Identification Cards

Many states require proof of financial responsibility in case of an accident. An automobile insurance ID card should be placed in each vehicle driven on University business. Contact us to obtain an automobile insurance ID card.

Certificates of Insurance

Car rental agencies may require verification of insurance coverage. Request a certificate of insurance through our office.

Rented and Leased Vehicle Coverage

The University's automobile policy will provide liability coverage when a rented or leased vehicle is driven by an authorized person on University business.

Physical damage coverage for a rented or leased vehicle is provided when the vehicle is driven by an authorized person on University business. For University-sponsored travel, you should decline the following:

  • Collision damage
  • Personal accident insurance (PAI)
  • Property damage

University-Owned Vehicle Coverage

The University maintains automobile bodily injury and property damage liability coverage for all University-owned, rented, or leased vehicles.

Personal Vehicles Used for University Business

For staff, faculty and students using their personal vehicle on University business, the vehicle owner's insurance policy provides the primary insurance coverage. The University's auto insurance would be secondary only for liability. Physical damage to an individual's auto while driven on official University business is not covered by the University's auto insurance.