International Travel Insurance

The Office of Risk Management administers an International Travel Insurance Program that provides insurance coverage and travel assistance services for employees engaged in official University business (excluding sabbaticals) outside of the United States.

Coverage includes, but is not limited to, general liability, workers’ compensation, excess auto liability insurance, medical services, emergency medical assistance, security evacuation and repatriation services.

Accident and Sickness Coverage:

AXA Travel Assistance provides medical, security evacuation and repatriation services to employees for unforeseen issues that arise while traveling abroad. Employees must register their travel with the Office of International Education to receive an AXA travel insurance idenfication card.

General Liability Coverage:

This coverage provides bodily injury, property damage, damage to premises rented, and personal injury liability protection for the University.

Excess Automobile Liability Coverage:

This coverage provides excess automobile liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage.
When renting a vehicle, purchase the insurance coverage offered by the rental firm.

Foreign Workers’ Compensation Coverage:

This coverage provides workers’ compensation coverage for the University’s employees. The coverage is on a 24 hour basis while our employees are in foreign jurisdictions.