Vehicle Occupants

Passenger Requirements

It is the responsibility of all users of University vehicles to reduce the University's potential liability by limiting University vehicle passengers to employees, students, or guests of the University who are on official business. A guest is a person who is invited by a University employee and is over the age of 17.

Passengers who are not University employees, students, or guests on official business may be authorized to ride in University vehicles when their presence is consistent with University business or functions and approved by the Vice President for Business and Finance.

University employees may have guests, spouses, or children accompany them while traveling on University business or while driving a University vehicle, provided that the department that the employee works for is advised in advance of the trip and when a minor child is traveling, the parent (employee) understands they are responsible for the child's actions and are responsible for ensuring the child follows all safety policies, including seat belts and required child restraints.

Safety Belt Use

Use of safety belts is mandatory for the driver and all vehicle occupants anytime the vehicle is in motion. Drivers are expected to enforce this requirement, and may not place a vehicle in motion unless all passengers are buckled up. This also applies to the operation of privately-owned vehicles while used in the conduct of University business. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for ensuring compliance by all occupants of the vehicle.

The number of passengers in any vehicle may not exceed the number of available safety belts. Passenger travel in pickup truck beds is prohibited.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in University vehicles.