Accident Review and Fleet Safety Advisory Committee

The Associate Vice President for Public Safety shall appoint an Accident Review and Fleet Safety Advisory Committee based on recommendations from Risk Management (RM). RM shall coordinate the activities of the Committee and maintain records of their activity. Vehicle accidents that do not require Committee review will be reviewed by the Director of RM.

The Accident Review and Fleet Safety Advisory Committee has the following charge:

  • Review of vehicle accidents that involve a University vehicle

  • The Committee will review Police Reports and other available information to determine a factual basis for the cause of the accident, make a finding of whether the accident was preventable or non-preventable by the University driver, and make recommendations for actions or corrective actions needed in response to the accident. The Committee's findings and recommendations will be forwarded to the applicable Department Head or administrator responsible for the University driver.

  • The Committee will hear all appeal matters pertaining to suspension and revocation of driving privileges.

  • Committee members are:

  1. Director of Risk Management
  2. Assistant Chief of Police
  3. Director of One Card Services
  4. Landscape Manager
  • Meetings shall be called by the Director of Risk Management as needed.