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Driver Requirements

Driver Registration

All drivers for the University of Richmond must:

  • Meet minimum qualifications as outlined below.
  • Be authorized by a university department or program.
  • Complete the online registration process prior to driving on university business.

Individual university departments are responsible to ensure that employees, students, and volunteers who are required to drive on university business complete the registration process before authorizing them to drive.


All students with a need to drive a University vehicle (one that is owned, rented or leased in the name of the University) must successfully complete the Driver's Safety Program Registration Form and complete the online defensive driving course.


If your position description requires driving a University vehicle (one that is owned, rented or leased in the name of the University) or if you are an employee who operates a University vehicle more than four times per year, you must be on the University's Approved Drivers List.

Minimum Qualifications

All drivers must have a valid driver's license in effect for at least three years. This does not include a learner's permit.

A satisfactory driver record that has no more than eight (8) negative points and no more than three moving violations during the past three (3) years. The actual total demerit points may differ between the DMV record and the University requirements.

Drivers of University Vehicles

Drivers of University vehicles must complete the Driver's Safety Program Registration Form and submit to Risk Management. Your driver record will be requested at that time. The University requires a minimum three (3) year driver history.

A minimum of ten (10) days is required for the request and approval of the driving record; therefore, applications to drive must be made 10-14 days prior to the anticipated driving date. Once the record is approved, you will be issued a User ID and Password to complete the online defensive driving course.

Drivers of Golf Carts, Utility Carts, or Similar Off-Road Vehicles

Per Section 46.2-676 (E) of the Code of Virginia, any person driving a cart on a college or university campus must be: a) An employee of the institution of a higher education or an individual serving the University in an official capacity and b) a licensed driver.

Students with temporary or permanent disability needs must be approved by parking services.

The approval process is as follows: A Driver's Safety Program Registration Form must be completed. A copy of a valid driver's license is also required for our file. A separate listing is maintained for approved cart drivers.

15-Passenger Vans

Due to the multiple advisories and warnings issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding the safety of 15-passenger vans, the University will no longer permit the purchase, lease or rental of 15-passenger vans.

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Risk Management will annually examine the motor vehicle records of all persons who drive a University vehicle.  Records shall be confidential and shall be maintained by Risk Management. The University reserves the right at any time to perform a motor vehicle record check on anyone on the University's Approved Drivers List.

  • If during this examination an employee's or student's driver record becomes unsatisfactory, the supervisor will be notified and the individual will not be permitted to drive a University vehicle until their record becomes satisfactory.
  • If the University determines that an employee's DMV point total exceeds eight (8) points for traffic violations during the past three (3) years, the driving privileges of the employee may be suspended or revoked and may result in the release of University employment.
  • If at any time your license becomes suspended or revoked by the DMV, you must not drive a University vehicle until the license is reinstated and you must notify your supervisor immediately.
  • An employee's driving privilege will be suspended for a period of three years from the date of conviction for a DUI conviction.
  • Any driver convicted of DUI while driving a University vehicle will permanently lose the privilege of driving a University vehicle.

Charges and Violations

Any person applying for new employment whose state driving history (within the past three (3) years) reveals any of the following conditions will not be approved to drive a University vehicle:

  • DUI
  • Speeding in excess of 80 miles per hour
  • Leaving the scene of an accident resulting in bodily injury
  • Convictions totaling more than eight (8) negative points

Drivers convicted of any of the following will have their driving privilege suspended or revoked:

  • DUI
  • Reckless driving.
  • Operating a vehicle during a period of suspension or revocation.
  • Failure to report an accident.
  • Hit and run


An employee may appeal a notice of revocation or suspension to the Fleet Safety Review Committee.